Puninda Thind, 2016 Finalist

Puninda Thind, 2016 Finalist

AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Brampton, ON

Puninda saw how her home country, India, degraded its environment at an alarming rate. As a child, she knew that she wanted to help save the environment one day. From a young age, she started to contemplate social issues, environmental justice and social health.

Unique for a child in India, Puninda felt awful living in a place where the environment is taken for granted. In grade three, she started planting trees at her school. After immigrating to Canada, she visited national parks. She experienced nature in a new way. This brought peace to her inner self and convinced Puninda to call Canada her home.

Puninda wants to help businesses achieve sustainable goals. She wants businesses to work with their surrounding community and the environment. She wants sustainable, profitable businesses to support countries that need help with their environmental goals.

Puninda appreciates the work of the United Nations. She has participated in COP 17, 18, and 19, where she has played major leadership roles. She will continue to encourage businesses to be part of the global sustainability movement.


  • Puninda is creating environmental dialogue by writing articles for her local South Asian newspaper.
  • Puninda's written pieces focus on climate change, energy and business issues.
  • She volunteered for Sustainability CoLab, a Canadian nonprofit that targets sustainability improvement in businesses.

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